MiTribe Productions is a multi-media entertainment company, founded with the goal of growing and supporting the Vancouver film, television and music industry. MiTribe produces its own original film and media projects, as well as offering services to artists of all stripes.

Our most valuable asset here at MiTribe is our ability to project the importance of family. As the company grows, our tribe strengthens. We aim to create original content that is both entertaining and profitable and to wherever possible, provide employment opportunities to younger, less established talents in all areas of the entertainment industry.


Co-Founders Rowan Jang and Henry Corbet

MiTribe began when childhood friends Henry Corbet and Rowan Jang reunited in April 2016 to make Henry’s short film DARK DAY AND NIGHT, where they both discovered their talents at making quality work on a low budget and tight schedule.  This inspired them to start their own production company and MiTribe was born! Through the many connections gathered through work in the film industry, they quickly assembled their team to work on creating original content and building a tribe of filmmakers and musicians in Vancouver.

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